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Underage Drinking

Sussex Police take the issue of underage drinking very seriously, and have a set procedure of how underage drinkers are dealt with, which has proved to be successful.

As you may be aware PCSO’s and PC’s regularly patrol the streets, targeting the areas where youths gather, and where the underage drinking may occur. On the first occasion we witness a youth underage drinking the child is given words of advice and a letter is sent home informing the guardians that their child has been drinking, the child will also receive a stop form and may be searched. Information regarding the individual is then held on a data base. This is often enough to stop a youngster from drinking.

If a child is caught drinking on a second occasion then a visit will be made to the child and guardians by a PCSO, with a warning letter explaining that if a further occasion of underage drinking occurs then the child will be referred immediately to the Alcohol and Drug Misuse team and the child and guardians will also receive a visit from a Neighbourhood Specialist Team Police Officer.

If this does not deter the child and a child is witnessed drinking on a further occasion then the above will be followed through with.

Contact PCSO Julie West on 0845 60 70 999 ext 63226 or PCSO Dennis Dowle on 0845 60 70 999 ext 21893.

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