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  • Kingston in May- Photographs taken by Rhys Haden from around Kingston in May 2000.
  • Kingston in the frost - Photographs taken by Jil Segerman of a heavy frost around Kingston in January 2009.
  • Kingston in the snow - Photographs taken by Rhys Haden from around Kingston in February 2009.
  • Steve Berry's Birds of Kingston - Articles on the birds that are likely to be seen in and around Kingston.
  • St. Pancras Churchyard - An article written by Michael Day when he used to look after the Churchyard
  • The Kingston Village Map (Not live yet!)- however a Google version is here
  • Places to visit (Not live yet!)
Detailed local bus times can be found at East Sussex Transport Route Information. Selecting certain routes will give you bus timetables.

The Brighton bus no. 130 timetable can be downloaded from here, you will need Adobe Reader in order to view this, and you can obtain Adobe Reader here.

There may be some people still not aware of the existence of the number 130 community bus. This really is an excellent service. It collects from outside the school, St. Pancras Green or wherever you ‘hail’ it at around 9.05 am each week-day morning on a route to Brighton, returning at 3.00 pm. (1.45 pm. on a Fri-day.) If the time in Brighton is too long for you, you can use the 28/9 service bus for one of the journeys which can then be linked with the 123 back into the village. Further details can be found on the village notice boards.

The cost is reasonable - �2 for a single or �3 return, and of course, accepts concessions. The drivers are helpful and considerate and the service fast. It comes highly recommended by its users!

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