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Kingston in May 2000 - Rhys Haden

Here follows a wander around the village during May 2000. To see a larger version of an image, just click on the thumbnail image.

The Juggs We start at the Juggs Arms at the bottom of The Street in the centre of Kingston where Ashcombe Lane meets Wellgreen Lane. The Juggs is a Shepherd Neame tied house with a beer garden containing pergolas and a childrens' play area with all the outside equipment that you could want. Often very busy throughout the summer months, it serves very well as a quite haven during cold winter evenings with a log fire and friendly locals.

Anyhow, we must move on....walking out of the Juggs garden into The Street we turn right to look up The Street The Street. As we walk up The Street towards the Downs we will make an occasional diversion. The Street is probably one of the oldest roads in Kingston and as a consequence there is a wealth of historical interest. Pretty soon on your left you will come across Kingston Village Hall. Kingston Village Hall

This hall was built in 1914 and sees plenty of use from barn dances, birthday parties, harvest festivals to playgroups, council meetings, craft shows and discos. It has even been known to host the odd pantomime or two. Never a day goes by without something occurrng within its four walls.

Continuing up The Street, we encounter the Parish Church on the right. Kingston Parish Church As you step up and through the tapsel gate, you find yourself in the graveyard of the church. It is well kept and the path winds gently through it as it leads you to the Porch (mind the wheelbarrow!). Kingston Parish Church

Kingston Parish Church If you continue on the path past the Church, you come out of the Churchyard. Looking back, through the back entrance to the Church yard you can see the original Church yard walls and the gate. Back Path The back path runs alongside the playing fields and if you are quiet you may spy the lesser spotted youth 'nesting' in the corner of the playing fields. Young People

Field You can walk along the back path by the playing fields a little way, and then make your way back to The Street by the field next to the Church. As you step into The Street opposite you will find the Pound which is a Grade II listed site. Hang a right and carry on up The Street. At the end of The Street you will find a stile which you must climb over in order to progress into the Downs. To the Downs After another stile, you wend your way up through the wood and out into the open. As you head on up to the next style you will be climbing very sharply. You now have a choice to go right and take the 'Horseshoe' route, but mind those cows! Cows Or you can carry on ever upwards to the top.

These are the scenes that you can expect to see as you climb.
Kingston Kingston
Top Stile
Top Path Kingston

At the top, bear right and as you walk a short distance along the South Downs Way between the two markers you will see the sea to your left towards Rottingdean. Take a right at the second marker and you drop down on to the chalk bridle way back down towards Kingston. Chalk Bridle Way Chalk Bridle Way You obtain another angle on the view of the village, and Lewes in the distance, as you start to make your way down the side of the hill. You approach Kingston from the West and drop into the end of Kingston Ridge. If you carried along Kingston Ridge you would end up at Ashcombe Lane. Instead, hang a right and drop down the stoney path into Church Lane. Church Lane

As you walk down Church Lane you pass The Avenue to your left The Avenue Carrying on to the end of Church Lane you come to the playing fields on St. Pancras Green, but this time from the other side. St. Pancras Green These playing fields see regular football with the Kingston Kestrels, they host Cricket, and a Tennis club along with many other activities throughout the year such as the Downland run, barbeques etc.

The Tennis club have two tennis courts Tennis and a club house to use. Clubhouse Walk away from the clubhouse through the estate until you come to the other end of The Avenue. Now walk along Ashcombe Lane until you come to the Green where the play equipment is and you find yourself back at the Juggs ready for some liquid refreshment. Village Green The Avenue

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