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Aims of the Website

This website is primarily designed to be used by residents of Kingston Village. There are four main aims of the site, and these are as follows:
  • To provide a central communication point to be used by any groups or individuals that live in the village, whatever age or background.
  • As far as possible, for the content and its layout within the site, to come from the residents of the village.
  • To provide an ever-changing record of information, news, events and other aspects of life in the village.
  • To have some fun!
Using the Website

The Home Page is the first page you come to when you enter the website address in your web browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). You can get to anywhere on the Kingston Village website from this front page by clicking on the relevant links and following them. Many of the pictures are clickable too!

Detailed information and links on local governmental matters such as transport, waste, services, planning, council meetings etc. can be found in the very informative Parish Council website.

Contributing to the Website

The more people that contribute to the website, and the more varied the contribution, so the more successful the website will become. We want the site to be as open to as many folk as possible. There is no requirement whatsoever to have any knowledge or experience in website technology, that can be left to those of us daft enough to be interested in it. It is the content provided by the site users that will make the website interesting to use, not the techy bits.

Some ideas have already been offered and you will find some of these starting to take shape as you explore the site. If you want to put forward some ideas, comments, suggestions or add some material to that which is already present, then you can send an email to

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