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Photographs from before the 1950s

Here you will find the oldest pictures of the village. Most of these have come from the Parish archives which they kindly lent for a while during the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Looking first at Hazel Craven's map showing the possible sites of early settlements in and around Kingston, you can see Juggs road, perhaps one of the oldest roads in the area.


Another sketch from Hazel Craven's book on the History of Kingston, depicts the old Toll House that used to exist on the other side of the Brighton road to the existing Toll house which still stands today. The existing Toll House is seen here from a photograph taken in 1915 showing the view towards Eastbourne.

Toll House Toll House
The third photograph shows the Toll House in 1950.

Toll House

For most of its existence, Kingston consisted of mainly one road, The Street. This selection of photographs shows The Street and various buildings along it throughout the past 100 years. They are displayed in date order starting with 1890 then a couple from 1910 followed by 1920 and 1930.

The Street 1890 The Street 1910
The Street 1910 The Street 1920
The Street 1930

The next photograph is a postcard probably from the 1920s, I will let Rob (a former resident who found this photo) explain:

"I think it possibly dates from the early 1920s because you can clearly see row of houses along Ashcombe Lane which I believe made up The Holdings. These date (I think from around 1921-22 when the Kingstonridge estate was being developed. It's a puzzling picture as you can't really see the church in order to pinpoint where everything is!"

Kingston Ridge from 1920s

Next comes Hyde Manor and the Juggs from 1930 followed by the shop in 1935...

The Street 1930 Hyde Manor The Street 1930 Before the Juggs
The Street 1935 Village Shop
...and three views of The Street in 1938.

The Street 1938 The Street 1938 Farm Cottages
The Street 1938
The sequence finishes with a picture of the village hall from 1950.

The Street 1950 Village Hall

Other views of the village are shown below, including a view of the street looking south (1900), the army camp around the Newhaven road in 1907, the unusual 6-vaned Ashcombe Mill from the late 19th Century, Ashcombe Bridge (1931) and Wellgreen Lane in 1934.

The Street Looking south 1900 The army camp 1907
Ashcombe Mill 19th century Ashcombe Bridge 1931
Wellgreen Lane 1934
A couple of pictures from 1925 finish this set, and these are of Kingston Ridge around the time of its development.

Fir Cottage 1925 Kingston Ridge Entrance 1925

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