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Kingston Village Fete in June 2009
Thank you to Anne Parfitt-King for these photographs!

Grumpies tug of war I'm not sure that all the Grumpies are putting their backs into this!

The Others Whereas this lot are going for it!

The Tug starts The Tug of War is about to begin again!

More like it This is more like it from the Grumpies.

Some concern One or two are wondering perhaps if this is going to end in tears.

Youngsters stand by The youngsters stand by in amazement. Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little.

Youngsters show how it is done The youngsters show how it is done.

More of them But I have a feeling that there are more of them than on the other team.

Smart brigade The smart brigade have arrived. Be on your best behaviour!

LGB Brass Actually there members of LGB Brass, the local Lewes brass band.

St. Johns Ambulance The St. Johns Ambulance are about to have a cup of tea.

Raw egg throwing Quick! Catch the egg! Otherwise you could end up coming away with egg on your face!.

Cut the Ace Cut the ace in a pack of cards in order to win a bottle of wine.

Youngest at the fete This little one will be on that bouncy castle in a year or two no doubt. The fete was attended by people of all ages, both young and....

A little less young ...a little less young!

Pony Riding This fete had everything including pony riding...

Boules and Ice Creams Boules and Ice Creams

Boules We even had our own French contingent to show us how to play Boules properly.

Ice Cream on the face I don't know what it is but I have that problem with ice cream as well. (By the way, that baby on the left looks like its up to mischief!!)

Jenga This game of Jenga's been abandoned, we could be nearing the end of the fete.

Beer Beer is in full flow, maybe we are nearing the end of the fete.

Cake stall The Cake stall is resplendent with tempting bites to eat of all descriptions. It is enough to make your mouth water.

Cake stall And it is doing a roaring trade too.

Satisfied Customers Satisfied customers pose for a picture.

Teas There is of course plenty of tea to go with the wonderful cakes.

More Tea More tea sir?

More Cake Meanwhile, everyone is having more cake.

Lots for sale Good quality bits and bobs were for sale this particular year.

Lots of Bric-a-Brac This stall is laden with great things to browse through and buy.

Good view of the Fete Here is a view across the field showing the various stalls.

Grumpies fans One of the Grumpies has attracted a number of fans. He will be signing autographs next!

Successful Day Looks like a successful day for these folk! Plenty bought, plenty eaten and no doubt plenty drunk.

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