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Kingston in the Snow - Rhys Haden

These photographs were taken by Rhys Haden at the beginning of February 2009 when we had heavy snow. The scenes are from in and around Kingston. To see a larger version of an image, just click on the thumbnail image.

Looking down Bramleys This little tour begins at the top of Bramleys in the middle of the village. As you can see, we have a complete 'White-out'. Looking up Bramleys Looking up Bramleys we can see the South Downs Way, and the fact that nobody's going to work today!

Not much is happening down Monckton Way and Mushroom Field either. Monckton Way Walking down the 'Bumpy Lane' and looking back we can see that the snow has crept in everywhere. The Bumpy lane looks more inviting to walk down than it has done of late. Bumpy Lane

Some cars have managed to brave Ashcombe Lane. We are looking along towards Kingstonridge and Juggs Road in one direction and towards the Juggs in the other direction. Ashcombe Lane Ashcombe Lane

This is a view of the Downs from Ashcombe Lane. The Parish green fence is in the foreground. Downs A little further along we approach the Juggs pub and we can see the signs peeking out under the trees. The Juggs

The sign We shall be going up The Street in a moment, this sign that supposedly points the way is not very clear, maybe we should get the Council to do something about this! Before we trudge up The Street though this is a view down Wellgreen Lane Wellgreen Lane and as we can see, the school playground is deserted (either that or the little mites have been buried). School Playground

The Street We now start our stroll up The Street with the Juggs on the right. We have a number of views of the houses and cars caked in snow. The Juggs

The Street Parish Hall

The Street Icicles

The Street The Street

The Downs This is the view of the Downs from the top of The Street. We're going up there shortly so get your mufflers on! On the right is the Church, and then further up the cottages and the entrance to the wood at the top. The Church

The Street The Street

The Wood We are now in the wood. The snow is clinging to everything, I hope my olive tree is alright! (you see we are not used to this down south). The Wood

Once out of the wood we start to climb up and encounter the first style. On the right we can see scores of villagers sledging in the snow.

The Style Villagers in the snow

The Downs Various views around Kingston Hill now follow including a view of Kingston, the dewponds and the occasional windswept tree. Kingston

The Downs The Downs

Dewpond Windswept tree

Windswept tree Dewpond

The Downs Now we are heading back down to Kingston using various methods, spider formation, sliding on the backside and the occasional few steps standing upright just to make a change. The Downs

The Downs Kingston and Lewes from the Downs

Looking back towards the Downs

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